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Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake February 6, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Cakes.

 Yummy chocolate cake! Mmmm!

 I blogged and posted this recipe on my home blog. But since this is my foodie blog, i decided to move it here instead! (I’ll slowly move the recipes over from my main blog! Please be patient!)

What you need
3/4 bar of butter (1 bar= 250g)
1 cup of castor sugar
1/2 can of Full Cream Evaporated Milk (about 200g)
2 Eggs,lightly beaten with a folk
1 cup of Plain flour
1/2 cup of Cocoa powder
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract or 1 tsp Vanilla essence

What to do!
1. Combine castor sugar,evaporated milk,vanilla extract or essence and butter in a saucepan.
2. Stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved and butter is melted,off fire and keep warm.
3. Add the beaten eggs into the slightly cold Evaporated milk mixture and stir till well mix.
4. Sift the flour,cocoa powder,baking powder and baking soda into a large mixing bowl then pour the eggs mixture over the flour and stir till well mix (cake batter should be runny).
5. Heat up the steamer.
6. Lined and greased a 8 or 9 inch baking pan.
7. Pour the batter into prepared pan and place the pans into the steamer and cover the top of the pan loosely with a piece of aluminium foil.
8. Steam over medium heat for 45 mins.
9. Cool the cake in pan before turning out for further decoration.

Chocolate fudge Topping

1/2 can of Condense milk
1/2 tsp of Vanilla extract or 1 tsp Vanilla essence
1/4 cup Corn oil
1/6 cup Cocoa powder,sifted
1/16 tsp Salt (Okay, this is just a small pinch of salt)

1. Combine the sifted cocoa powder,condense milk and oil.
2. Stir over low heat till thicken (stirring all the time).
3. Add in salt and vanilla extract or essence.
4. Cool the chocolate topping a little before spreading on the cake.

Notes(by me!):
1. I did not line the cake pan, but i greased the pan generously.
2. Boil a kettle of water and keep it as stand-by while steaming the cake. This is to top up the water in the steamer if it dries up…(This is optional, but i find it useful…)
3. You can substitute the butter in the cake with corn oil. The cake would turn out more moist but with butter, the cake would be more fragrant.
4. With a metal spoon fluff up the flour in the bag,and lightly spoon it into the measuring cup while held over a sheet of waxed paper or the flour canister. Let the flour heap up and overflow. Do not tap or shake the cup to level it. When the flour is over the top,use the flat side of a knife or spatula to sweep off the excess flour so it is level with the top of the cup.

(Recipe is from Dralion from Kitchencapers.net, slightly adapted by me!)



1. cher - February 17, 2006


your choc cake looks so sinfully yummY!!! i want a bite toooooo…

2. thelazychef - February 18, 2006

Haha… thanks!

It is very yummy! I always get raves about it whenever i make it! (ok, that was a little thick-skinned but it really is good!)

3. Alia - July 29, 2006

that chocolate cake sounds very delicious! Quick question…can i bake it instead of steaming, if yes than for how many minutes and at what temperature?

4. thelazychef - July 29, 2006

I have never tried baking it but the texture of the cake will be more moist if you steam it. I hope it helps… =)

5. zaida - August 25, 2006

your cake looks yummy. i can’t wait to try it. how much corn oil should i use? is the topping runny?

6. thelazychef - August 25, 2006

Well, I have not tried measuring how much corn oil to use in ml… so, i suggest you weigh out about 190g(its 187.5grams to be exact!) of the oil.

The top is runny, but will harden a little if you leave it out for too long.

Hope it helps! 🙂

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8. Janice - October 18, 2006

hi rachel,
Im hoping to attempt this cake soon..but I bought evaporated milk lite (lowfat), do u tink it will alter anything about the cake?

9. thelazychef - October 18, 2006

Hi Janice.

Full cream would give it a better flavour… But I guess low fat ones should be fine too… 🙂

10. Mellie - October 23, 2006

Your steamed cake looks exactly what I’ve been looking for…
However, I don’t have a steamer. Do you think I would be able to replicate your recipe by steaming using a wok instead?

11. thelazychef - October 23, 2006

Hi Mellie…

Yes, you can definately use a wok. As long as it is big enough to accomodate the cake, it should do fine…

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13. Mellie - November 1, 2006

I did try the recipe over the weekend and the cake turned out just the way I imagined it… moist and yummy. Thanks!

I used corn oil instead of butter. At first I tried it without the topping but it wasn’t sweet enough for a choc cake. With the topping it was just nice. However, I did feel it was a bit too runny and a lot of it went to waste. Any ideas to make it less liquid? Should I reduce the condensed milk or the oil?

Just wondering… would you have happened to come across a steamed choc cake that uses real cooking choc and not cocoa powder?

14. thelazychef - November 2, 2006

Hi Mellie…

Glad it turned out great for you. To make it less runny, reduce the amount of corn oil.
And about the steamed choc cake that uses real choc, I have not seen anything like it… sorry! 🙂

15. ashiebee - November 15, 2006

hey there

found your page through maya’s page! i’ve tried this one and omigod, its yummylicious! *thumbs up* thanks yeah?

hugs, ashiebee

16. thelazychef - November 15, 2006

Hi ashiebee…

Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

17. safia - November 20, 2006

hello,i googled for steam chocolate cake,and this is how u got here.-)

I am definetly going to try this.
A question-Is full cream evapoarated milk just the regular milk or something else?
Its written that eggs have to be mixed with the “slighly cold evaporated milk”
now the earlier instruction it was written to keep the evaporated milk warm.
pls explain .

18. thelazychef - November 20, 2006

Hi Safia…
This is a fantastic recipe.. so do give it a try!
Full cream evaporated milk is a concentrated, sterilised form of milk which has a final concentration twice that of the original milk. The milk is evaporated under pressure and homogenised. The milk is then poured into cans, which are sterilised at high temperatures.
(full description here)
It can be easily found in supermarkets and are packed in cans and should be placed next to the area where you find canned sweetened condensed milk.
Well, after melting and mixing the butter, sugar, vanilla essense and evaporated milk together in a saucepan, the mixture would be hot. So, allow the mixture to cool for about 20-30 mins before adding in the eggs. The reason why it asks you to cool it is so that the mixture wouldn’t cook the eggs(resulting in scrambled eggs!!)
I hope it iron out any misunderstandings.

19. safia - November 21, 2006

thanks,for explaining it out.

20. Evy - January 29, 2007

i was searching through website on how to bake a cake using a rice cooker and i saw this chocolate cake. it really looks so yummy. May i know how to store it?

21. thelazychef - January 29, 2007

You can store it in the fridge in an airtight container! Or, if the weather is cool, you can store it outside, in an airtight container. But if you’re in Singapore, i would suggest keeping it in the fridge. 🙂

22. Evy - January 29, 2007

thank you! emm. may i know where can i buy boxes for cakes in singapore? As in those boxes that cake shop used. sorry for asking so many questions.

23. thelazychef - January 29, 2007

You may get them from Phoon Huat. (check out http://www.phoonhuat.com for their locations)
Alternatively, there are several baking shops around, like Ailin (in Tanjong Katong Complex) and Gim Hin Lee(in Geylang, near Haig Road).

24. Evy - January 31, 2007

thanks alot(:

25. Coy - May 7, 2007

i would like to try your recipe. im in the philippines and here we have different types of flour . should i use all purpose flour or cake flour? thanks

26. thelazychef - May 13, 2007


Please use All purpose flour for this cake. 🙂

Hope it helps.

27. Su - June 6, 2007

I just tried this recipe few days ago, its easy, simple and its fantastic!! The cake was just nice as what i am looking for, soft, moist & delicious!!
I have no baking experience before, this was my first try, and i have done a great pass!! Thank you for this amaging recipe!!

28. thelazychef - June 7, 2007

Hi Su!

Glad it turned out great for you! What I like about this recipe is that it is very simple!

Anyway, it’s such a coincidence but I just made this cake(but in the mini form) last night! Haha… As you can tell… I LOVE this recipe! I always make it! hehe… 😀

29. Mo - June 12, 2007

Hello there 🙂

Could I omit the baking soda and powder and use all purpose flour, instead of plain flour?

30. thelazychef - June 12, 2007

Hi Mo…
From my experience, all purpose flour is the same as plain flour!
But if you’re talking about self-raising flour, then yes, omit the baking soda and baking powder. 😉

31. VICTORIA - June 30, 2007

hello, i was thinking of converting this recipe into cupcake form! do you think there’ll be much difference in procedure?

oh, and does the icing stay runny? does it harden?

thank you!

32. thelazychef - July 1, 2007

Hi Victoria,

You can convert this to cupcake form, but make sure your paper cups are the firmer types that would not become soggy when it comes in contact with the steam/water. The icing is the runny type. Hope it helps!

33. geetanjali - July 1, 2007

am 4rm india…i came across ur page through google..n ur cake sounds “simply devine”..but i cudnt find all purpose flour anywhere n in the local market…cud u plz tell me how much of baking powder i sud add 2 general flour…or any alternatives

34. Joanne - July 1, 2007

Hi! So tempted to try your recipe but it is too big for 1 person..is it possible to halve your recipe? Would love to try it…

35. thelazychef - July 14, 2007

Hi geetanjali,

All purpose flour is also known as plain flour, or white flour which should be the general flour you are talking about. And so, for the baking powder, just add according to the recipe!

Hi Joanne,
Well, guess what? The original recipe is actually 2 times the current recipe that I posted! haha… I halved it when I made this cake!
But no worries, you can halve the recipe. 🙂 It wouldn’t pose much of a problem (except, maybe, your family/friends who get a bite of it might want even more cos it tastes great! hehe…).

36. zaida - August 29, 2007

How do you measure 1/6 cup of cocoa powder in grams

37. Wendy - September 2, 2007

Hi… is the chocolate topping gently frosted? Will it melt if i leave it outside?

38. thelazychef - September 2, 2007

Hi Zaida,

1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder is about 82 grams, so, doing the mathematics, 1/6 cup should be 13.67 grams, or about 14 grams. 🙂 Hope it helps!

39. thelazychef - September 2, 2007

Hi Wendy,

The frosting is quite runny when warm, but will thicken slightly when cooled. If the weather is very hot, it might melt.

40. Wendy - September 2, 2007

is there any where which it can be more sticky? Some like like frosting but less hard?

haha.. hope u get what i mean… 🙂

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43. Bee Lay - September 23, 2007

chance upon this recipe and it sure looks tempting. I’m a chocolate lover and likes practically everything with chocolate. I’m definitely going to try out this recipe!!!

44. ferrena - October 17, 2007

Hi ..

i google to us page and i am really excited.. steaming really can “bake” … even using a wok.. and a stove.. ???

can i use other cake receip to steam a cake ???

45. thelazychef - October 17, 2007

Hi Ferrena,

Unfortunately, not all cakes can be steamed. It really depends on the recipe!

Yup… this cake can be steamed in a wok over the stove.

I have another recipe that also yields steamed cakes. Please search for Baby Pandan Chiffon Cake under the cakes category. 😀

46. ferrena - October 18, 2007

Hie.. btw.. you recipe indicate cup.. one big is the cup ? how many ml ?? =)

47. octopusmum - October 22, 2007

Hi Rachel,

thks for your advice on the baby pandan chiffon cake with regards to the mixer!
i am v tempted to try this moist chocolate cake first since it doesn’t need me to bring down the mixer 🙂 would like to know if i can substitute the corn oil for the topping with other vegetable oil. I only have the Knife brand oil and don’t think i want to go buy another bottle of corn oil. Btw, do u happen to know if i can substitute corn oil with the knife brand veg oil if i want to bake a chiffon cake?

tks v much

48. elaine - November 4, 2007

yo o
my friend and i are planning to make this cake next. hopefully we make it..

but, may i know 1/2 cup is equal to how much?

hope to receive ur feedback


49. elaine - November 4, 2007

is there any more recipe to do cake or cookie without using oven or microvawe?

50. elaine - November 10, 2007

my friend and i succesfully make the cake. it is so delicious.
our first cake!!

Thanks for the recipe!

51. thelazychef - November 16, 2007

Hi Elaine,

Sorry I took so long to reply your msges! Glad the cake turned out great! 😀

52. MQ - November 16, 2007

Hi there , your steamed chocolate cake looks tasty and irresistible!

I would like to ask a few questions:-
– What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder? Can I use either one without altering the taste and texture of the cake?
-Can I use canola oil to replace the butter?How much oil,in ml,should I use?
– Can I replace condensed milk with soybean milk or just milk for both the cake and topping?

Thanks a million!
Lookin’ forward to your reply!

53. Nana - December 9, 2007

im so excited because this’s going to be my first time making a cake! (:
i hope you can come out with more non-bake recipe because i dont have an oven at home :/

wish me luck!! 😀

54. Reena - December 14, 2007

Hi, i really wanna try this recipe. Can i know wat else can i use instead of corn oil for the topping? Thnx alot.

55. nicole - May 5, 2008


What is the measurement in grams for all these ingredients?
1 cup castor sugar
1 cup of plain flour
1/6 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of corn oil


56. Irene - June 22, 2008

Hi hi, today I tried the recipe. And sucess!!! Many thanks LazyChef! Btw, do you haev any more recipe without baking using oven and mircowave? Coz my house oven spolited…
Tomorrow I will be bring the cakes to my office to share with everybody 🙂

57. Quinn - July 8, 2008

Hi, thanks for the gerat post. I just wanna say I made this for my friends and I do hope they like it. Also, i republished your recipe in my blog and credited you for it. Thanks a lot. Do let me know if you mind me linking you. Cheers!

58. thelazychef - July 11, 2008

Hi Irene,
I will continue to source for nice non-bake recipes and post them if I have a chance to try them! 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy this lovely recipe!

Hi Quinn,
Sure, go ahead and link me. 🙂 Glad it turned out great for you!

59. Emily - August 21, 2008

Hi Lazy Chef,

My best friend’s birthday is coming up soon and she loves chocolate! I saw your recipe and I knew I have to make it for her…

BUT! I’m really really new in this and have no idea what 1 cup means and how much one cup is (in grams). So I really need your help, I need to get a weighing machine first btw….hehehe…

Hope you can help, I really want to make her feel special on her birthday! Thanks so much! *muax* Oops…hahaha…

60. sae - September 29, 2008

Hi, Lazychef,

My sister’s b-day is coming so soon,,, i want to try your recipe but i would like to ask 1 question…

Can i use a plain sugar instead of castor sugar?…


61. thelazychef - September 29, 2008

Hi Emily,
You should get a measuring cup from a local supermarket or a baking shop. You can also get a weighing machine from any supermarket/baking shop/shopping centre.

Hi Sae,
Yes, plain sugar is same as castor sugar.

62. Marjorie Ang - November 4, 2008

hello thelazychef,

i have tried your recipe and it was great. i just would like to ask, how to make the cake more porous.



63. si tukang nyampah - November 14, 2008

hi there! I’ve tried your recipe last night. At first i felt a bit worried because the mixture looked extremely runny (well, i never make cake with such mixture…hahahaha). But at the end…VOILA…the cake was just perfect!!! I love it, my hubby loves it, and also my friends…!! Even hubby asked me to make another one this weekend…hahahaha. THANKS a LOT for sharing the recipe!!!


64. arrystrawberry - November 22, 2008

hey there,
i extremely love your cake! i’ve tried it many times already and the results were awesome… now each time there is a potluck, this moist choc cake is my no.1 in the list. thanks for sharing!

65. Fong - December 9, 2008

I would like to use your recipe and bake in individual mugs (IKEA stoneware mug) and thereafter stick a synthetic flower (like flower in a pot). This is x’mas gift for my girl’s childcare teachers.

May I know how long can i keep the cake? does it turn bad easily compared to baked type?


66. Priya - December 22, 2008

hi,the recipe is excellent,and the cake was mindblowing.Thanx for a wonderful recipe. Just inquisitive, to know whether i can use some dry fruits in the cake with some all spice and cut down on the cocoa powder. And if i use the dry fruits should i mix it in some flour before adding it in the cake mixture?

67. joel the drummerboy - January 22, 2009

done it….threw another bar of choc in the bottom of the bowl and 200 g of prunes in the mix…..served 8 fat roadies no probs, cheers for the pointers, it were loverly, not at all bad for a drummer!!!!

68. Aysha - February 25, 2009

hi m aysha…m from pakistan so i don’t know much english but i think u can understand me if u read 10 times lolz…i jst make this cake today…and its perfect.. ma family loves e…. ma nephew he iz 2yrs old and when when he eats he said hummmmmmmmmmmm mmmm…yummy yummy and his hand on his stomach lolz thxxxxxxxxx

69. siam - March 1, 2009

i chnace to get this recipe from google. this is the 1st time m making this cake. but the cake sink in the centre and looks wet. where did i go wrong.

70. Puspanne - April 23, 2009

hello there,

i want to know, how long can u keep the cake after u put on the fudge topping on top? after putting the fudge on, i need to refrigerate the cake rite? if i thaw it, does it affect the taste? Thanks a bunch!

71. Mae - June 14, 2009

Hi..may i know much evaporated milk should i use in ml. measurement..or can i also substitute evap. Milk into fresh milk.,if its possible how much should i use in ml. …
Looking 4ward for your reply…

72. meggia chrys - July 11, 2009

instead of corn oil can i use coconut oil?

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74. Jaslyn - October 22, 2009

Hi LazyChef,

I have a set of 3 measuring cups (S,M,L), I wonder if I can use those? The indication on them are in ml. Can I say that as long as the equation is correct it will do?

Thank you,

75. Awin Anor - October 28, 2009

Hi Lazychef,

I,ve been searching for a steam cake on the net and at last found ur recipe. The kids weanted to try a steam cake rather than the usual baked moist cake. Thanks for sharing plus with all d usefull tips.


76. Priyanka - November 4, 2009

Its really nice..thank you

77. Maymay - January 16, 2010

It’s really really good, plus my house does not have any sophisticated baking tools and your recipe does not require any of it! Love it.

78. Dean Shaari - January 16, 2010

Hey there!
I tried the recipe and it came out WELL!
thank you so much for posting it here,
say If I were to do it in cupcake form, any tips should I know?

I wrote about the adventure of making it in my blog…prooving to the fact even a dude can do this as well!

79. Farwin - March 28, 2010

hi there,
thanx a million for posting this wonderful an easy recipe.
It came out really well its so YUMMY!
since i don’t have an oven are there any other steamed cake recipes that i can try?
keep up the good work!

80. malini - March 31, 2010

hi,i was looking for this recipe. I am planning to do it over the weekends. i have a doubt here, u mean 3/4 bar of butter means 1 bar or more than 1 bar… can u clear my doubt? thank u

Stormy - January 9, 2015

This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any arcielts on rehab?

81. a745 - April 7, 2010

I’ve been looking for something like this for a loooong time now! I’l give this a try tomorrow (it’s 2am already here, haha).

I have a question though. Can I substitute the castor sugar with regular white sugar? I’m not exactly sure where to get castor sugar from where I’m from.

Also, from your own opinion, just how chocolatey or sweet is this cake? I want to make one for my boyfriend, but he has one heck of a sweet tooth, so yeah xD.

82. yvonne - May 15, 2010

why does the topping i make always sink into the cake,and make it so wet and sweet?thanks 4 all replies !

83. Sarah - May 26, 2010

Dear Chef,

I would love to try this recipe..
Just to clarify 1 thing though,
Should i use salted or unsalted butter for this cake? 🙂
Thank you! 🙂

84. erika - August 3, 2010

Hi Chef, I have successfully steamed the cake & the choc fudge topping is really good. Only thing is that my cake is quite hard, even before chilling it. Is there anything that I can do?

85. Lester Michael - August 7, 2010

The recipe was a success. The only snag is I had to add a little bit of baking powder to raise it a little. Other than that, it was good.

86. Eunice - August 24, 2010

Can anybody please help to translate the ingridents measurment from cup to gm and from can to ml?

I really like to try doing this cake.

Many Thanks

87. Minnie - September 16, 2010

Very nice!!! All my friends said very tasty!!! ^.^

88. Su Yin - September 27, 2010

Mmmm, very good cake!! My 2 little fussy eaters love it.. and that’s really something! ^.^

89. Mitali - October 7, 2010

Hi there,
this recipe is amazing! the cake turned out excellent and as much as i try, i cant eating it 🙂
i actually baked the cake rather than steam it, but the results were the same! moist choc cake! yummy! thanks a bunch for the recipe

90. Mitali - October 7, 2010

i mean i cant STOP eating it 🙂

91. Kim Mi - October 22, 2010

how do i steam using a wok if i want to make the mini version??
Can i use a rice cooker instead?? 😀

sorry, my first time baking a cake.. 😦

92. yami - October 24, 2010

hi,where did u get ur mould?

93. sharee - December 15, 2010

Hello,I am a new to ur site.May I ask if have u tried baking them in the oven with water under it instead of using the steamer if it work?Thank u ..!

94. jerri - February 7, 2011

SOrry wiuld liuke to ask for the toping is it possible to use a chocolate bar melted instead od cocopowder mix? will there be a diff? pls kindly reply thanks

95. harman - April 4, 2011

can u pls tell me if i want to make a vegetarian cake. i only dont want to add eggs….how should i bake it

96. cherry - May 14, 2011

yummy cake! i’ll try it later. but i’d like to ask if i can use another kind of sugar aside from castor sugar?

97. Lara - May 22, 2011

I use a very similar recipe and it works just fine! I also think steamer is much healthier that an oven.

98. Nora - June 29, 2011

Hi…I saw that u used a bundt cake tin, would it make any difference if u used a springform cake tin. If the cake is dense, usually the bundt tin helps to bring heat to the centre and cook it evenly. Have u tried using a non-bundt tin for this cake? Thanks.

99. Betanya - July 6, 2011

Hey Emily, I was wondering if you have any other recipes ? And also before I read this I made a vanilla one and it was quite sweet but not enough for my taste and I was just wondering if u knew a recipe for icing (on the vanilla cake) and um well pls reply 🙂 cya

100. bhang - July 6, 2011

good day.. just want to know what else can i use instead of castor sugar and corn oil. it’s just hard to find those stuff here in our local market.

101. Yunita - July 25, 2011

Hi, instead of using the full cream evaporated milk, is it ok for me to use cartoned fresh milk instead?

thelazychef - August 3, 2011

Hi Yunita,

I have never tried using cartoned fresh milk before, but my sense would be that the flavour of the cake would not be as rich as evaporated milk tend to be thicker and richer in flavour.

But with that said, you may wish to experiment and let us all know if fresh milk works as well! 🙂

Have fun!

Love, Rach

102. Ling - August 2, 2011

Hi hi,

I baked this cake twice so far and it always turn out moist and chocolaty! 😀

I have a baking issue though. A lot of lumps were formed when the wet and dry ingredients were mixed. I couldn’t get rid of all of them by stirring – and I don’t dare to stir too much for fear of getting a tough cake texture. Any advice?

Thanks a lot!

thelazychef - August 3, 2011

Hi Ling,

Do you mean lumps of flour which still has dry flour inside when you ‘break’ them up? My advice would be to try and only pick at these lumps and smoothen them down at the side of the mixing bowl. I agree that you shouldn’t over mix the mixture to prevent the cake from being too dense and tough.

Hope it helps! Love, Rach, thelazychef

Ling - August 9, 2011

Thanks for the reply! I tried to wait until the butter mixture has cooled to room temperature and used a whisk to mix the wet and dry ingredients. The lumps did not form and the cake was even softer! 😀

103. nylime - August 8, 2011

i tried it and it is so yummy! thanx for posting it…

104. Ma. Theresa Afable - August 19, 2011

Hi! been wondering if I can make a cake by just using my steamer,,,thanks so much,It’s answered now,,,I can’t wait to make one for my family,,,please share some more steamed cake.God bless:>

105. sareena - August 25, 2011

i love it , it heiped me satisfy my guests taste.

106. Evelyn - August 29, 2011

Hi, can I know the size of the baking pan and also use what to grease it?

107. Haidee - September 1, 2011

good evening. is it ok to use brown sugar instead of castor sugar??

108. Haidee - September 1, 2011

i planned to use 3×9 inch round pan, cos that’s the only available baking pan i have. is ok to use it or do i have to buy a new one??

109. muna - September 4, 2011


I have baked the cake. Twice. And my family and i love it very much. I did re-post the recipe and link it to your blog too. Hope u don’t mind.
Thanks for the great recipe~

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111. iwritemyownstory - September 23, 2011

this looks soooo yummeyhh! I’m going to try baking this when i have some free time. thanks for the recipe!! 😀

112. Jhocyn Barcelona - February 12, 2012

Hi, I really want to try your recipe…for my bf this valentine just want to ask is it ok to make it a cupcake instead of cake..and is it okay to put icing on top of it instead of chocolate fudge topping??because I want to design it..pls i need your answer because I want or need to make it tomorrow morning..and can I add dark cooking chocolate??if yes what size or gms?pls help 🙂

Rach - February 12, 2012

Yes. U can make it cupcake style. And you can do a icing for it.

Unfortunately, I have not done it with dark chocolate so I cannot provide you with the measurements.

Hope it helps.

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113. fara - April 23, 2012

hai…id like to ask…..for the topping…can i substitute the corn oil with butter ? hope u can answer. thanks

thelazychef - April 23, 2012

Hi Fara,

I have not tried the topping using butter, but I reckon it will not work because of the consistency of butter at room temperature. You should look to using an oil that is liquid at room temp so that the topping will be runny.

Hope it helps. 🙂

114. fara - April 23, 2012

it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…its soooooooooooooo yummmyyyy….i did in a long rectangle shape and in cupcakes sizes….oooo…i am so going to need the gym…thanks for the recipee….its precise and delicious.

115. fara - April 24, 2012

oh and i used the corn oil instead of butter….thank u so much for sharinggg

116. Parmita Nagy - July 16, 2012

It looks like you have attracted a fairly sizeable following now.

I’m glad for you!

117. reza - October 2, 2012

hi there!
i just want to ask u f it would be fine if i will use evaporated filled milk?
and classic margarine as substitute for the butter?…and also what did u use to grease the pan?

sorry if i have many questions..and pls do reply it all…thanks….

thelazychef - October 2, 2012

Please use condensed milk for the frosting (no substitutes!) as you need the consistency of condensed milk is more suitable for the frosting. Also, I prefer to use butter as it creates a richer flavour for the cake. I used butter to grease the pan.

118. Tonia - November 4, 2012

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119. Christina - July 22, 2013

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122. Amanda Ah - September 5, 2013

i’ve never bake a cake before and i wanna try this, i don’t have an oven too so this is perfect. Can i replace castor sugar w/ regular sugar instead, what would be the difference? instead of baking pan, can I use the microwavable lunch box? and in some recipes that im reading now, it says, tightly cover the pan w/ foil but yours is loosely, why? hope you’ll answer my questions. thank you

123. janet - November 25, 2013

Hi wanna chk if theres a difference if I used full cream condensed milk instead of full cream evaporated milk?? I jus tried steaming but the cake is nt hard… looks like e lava in lava cakes. .. can u enlighten me to wad might gone wrong? Thanks

124. Cake Coklat Kukus (Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake) | Belajarbaking's Blog - January 7, 2014

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125. buy yacon syrup - June 4, 2014

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126. Corine - July 12, 2014

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129. Chocolate cake of the day | Diminita - December 8, 2015

[…] while it’s  still hot, just after taking it out from the steamer 😀 Recipe can be found here. The recipe actually comes with the chocolate frosting for the top, but I don’t have […]

130. John Clayton - January 10, 2016

Epic. Just made this for the first time, definitely won’t be the last. Added a grate of orange zest to the cake mix and the frosting. Thanks for sharing this, consider my eyes well and truly opened to the world of steamed cakes!

Rach - January 11, 2016

Glad it turned out well! 🙂 Great idea on putting in orange zest! I’ll do it next time I make this too!

131. Debbra Essepian - February 17, 2017

I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

132. Resep Cake Coklat kukus Lembut ( Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake) – Acak - May 22, 2018

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