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Bullseye Cheesecake May 15, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Cakes.

Delicious treat...

Ok, so exams are over. Why am I not churning enough more yummilicious stuff?

Well, I still have school from 9am-5pm every (week)day! 😦 We have project work for 5 weeks and it isn’t easy at all! Sucks all my energy and by the time I get home, I just wanna stone and relax…

Went for a gathering last Fri and I decided to give Lori’s Bull’s-eye Cheesecake a try after seeing it on fellow foodie, shebakesandshecooks’s site… I’m a big big fan of cheesecake and after hearing all the raves, I had to give it a try! And boy, it was good!

Just that I may separate 1/3 of the original of the original batter for the chocolate portion instead as I found the cake far too chocolate-y. But then again, I’m a purist… hehe, I like my cheesecake plain! So, I’m gonna make Lori’s original cheesecake soon… Since the cake tastes so good!

Anyway, if you need the recipe, its available from the Lori’s link above… 🙂

(PS: I made simple fruit tartlets for Mother’s Day for my mummy, aunties and grandma, but, before I had the chance to take a decent picture, they were all gobbled up! But fret not, I’m making it again for my mum’s friends later this week, so I’ll post about it soon! Stay tuned!)

*edit: I understand that Lori’s link is not working anymore. I will try and dig out the recipe and post it here soon! :D*


1. irene - May 15, 2006

yummy yummy yummy …

inform me when u are giving the original recipe a try =)

2. thelazychef - May 16, 2006

Sure, no problem… I’ll probably make the plain one and top it with blueberries…

Will save some for you.. 🙂

3. Duckie - July 5, 2006

Lori’s recipe uses some kind of condensed milk… In Singapore, I dun think we have that kind.So did u use the supermarket Carnation Condensed Milk?
Thank u….

4. thelazychef - July 7, 2006

Hi Duckie! Thanks for visiting!

I used the milkmaid one. Remember to use the full cream one!

5. Duckie - July 20, 2006

Hey lazy chef. I made the cheesecake. The texture of yours look more cheesecakey… mine was slightly soft, perhaps the temperature was not rite. And I couldn’t make it “bull’s eye”. It’s not concentric that I finally used form to make some swirls…. Otherwise, the taste was good.

6. ferrena - October 18, 2007

hie hie.. thanks for replying me on the moist chocolate cake.. btw.. i cant seems to link to lori blog.. it says error.. can email me the recipe thanks thanks..

btw.. i seldom bake .. so you know nay places that sell ingrediant as u need .. so i dun need to buy those essence and stuff keep and let it rot.. thanks thanks..

or any suggestion.. this is gonna be my one time baking for the moist chocolate cake

7. MW - November 26, 2007


The recipes for Lori’s bulls eye cheesecake is no longer valid. Able to post out ur recipe to share? thks a million


8. reena - December 12, 2007

Hie…this bulls eye cheesecake seems wonderful. The website for this recipe cant be viewed. Can u please post the recipe to share? Please please 🙂 thnx alot ya…

9. steph - June 7, 2008

hi, The recipes for Lori’s bulls eye cheesecake is no longer valid. Able to post out ur recipe to share? thanks!!


10. Marjorie Ang - January 7, 2009

hi the lazy chef,

i would like to ask for a copy of bullseye cheesecake….
please, please, please… because the link of lori cannot be viewed already…..

you can send it to —- angmarjorie@yahoo.com

thanks a lot….

11. Con - April 11, 2009


Lori’s new blog address is http://dessertcomesfirst.com/?p=178. You will find the recipe for bull’s eye cheesecake here.

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