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Back in sunny Singapore! August 25, 2006

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Hello all my dearies…

I’m back in Singapore. Actually I was back since early August but I was busy preparing for my new school term(in fact, I touch down in Singapore on the first day of school!) and getting in tune to school life again… I’m in Year 3 now, so I told myself, I must be more serious in my studies from now on!

US was wonderful! Had so much fun! I visited so many different cities- San Diego, Tijuana in Mexico, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Palm Springs… Visited several national parks and amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios… I’ll post a couple of pics once I have collated all my pics and have time to sort them out!

Food in the States was good… though portions were ALWAYS huge! Being a small eater, I always had to share my meal or couldn’t finish my own portions… My friends and I had lots of pizzas, mexican food, margaritas, churros, pancakes, burgers, and other typical American food when we were there. 

I cooked quite a bit too- made typical chinese food like porriage, chicken macaroni, fried rice, pork chops, grilled chicken, curries, rice with dishes… because I was the ‘mother hen’ among my friends and knew a bit more about cooking than the rest, but didn’t bake much, just made the occasional quiche and blueberry muffins…

But I must say that this treat was a eye-opener for me. Learnt alot while i was there. 🙂

I’ll post some pics soon… and yes… try more recipes and post recipes of food that I made when I was in the states… 🙂



1. precious moments - August 30, 2006

welcome home. looking forward to your bakes and cooks

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