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The mini version… September 16, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Cakes.

Minis rocks! 

If you’ve been a faithful reader of my blog… you would have remembered my steamed moist chocolate cake… I often rave about this one(to friends and family)because it is deliciously moist and ulterly yummy…

Well, I have been into all things small and cute recently… must be my work with my new interest(just started my jewellery blog, selling my little darlings!)

And so, I decided to recreate my all-time fav chocolate cake in a mini-version! And instead of adding chocolate sauce on top, I added mini chocolate chips into the cakes…


A great pop-in-your-mouth size and still amazingly delicious. Mmmm… 

Try it!

Just follow the same recipe as the huge standard version, but this time, add chocolate chips into the batter, and steam them for 8 to 10 minutes. Simple as that!



1. mariya - September 17, 2006

hi, blog-hopped here. 🙂 this looks very interesting. will it work with cupcake cases? guess i’ll try it out.

2. Angie - September 17, 2006


Love these mini versions. I’ve yet to try out this very-popular steamed chocolate cake, after seeing yours, think I am going to do it very soon 🙂

3. rokh - September 18, 2006

yea mini versions sound good as i love the idea of the short steaming time 😉 might try it out

4. thelazychef - September 18, 2006

Hi mariya…

They should work in cupcake cases… 🙂 There are other steamed cakes out there and you can find them in paper cups… so, this shouldn’t be much of a prob…

5. thelazychef - September 18, 2006

Hi Angie!

Yes you should!!! You have made so many other yummilicious goodies and you haven’t tried this recipe? MUST try k? haha… Its good!!!

6. thelazychef - September 18, 2006

Hello (other) Rachel! 😉

Yeap, I tried this recipe twice. And each time, I found that 8 mins was all it takes! I love the short steaming time too! And ya, one batch produced about 30 mini cakes for me…(but I guess it depends on the size of your moulds…)

7. small cookie - September 18, 2006

these are so cute. can i steal your idea? I have tried steam choc cake and it is delicous.

8. thelazychef - September 18, 2006

Hi Edith!

Definately can ‘steal idea’!!! haha… 😀 I’m sure you’ll like it too!

9. Litz - September 20, 2006

Where do you get the moulds? I went to Phoon Huat, but cannot seem to find it!

10. thelazychef - September 20, 2006

Hi Litz…
Guess what? I got mine from Phoon Huat!!! They should have it lah! Infact, they come in packs of 10(or was it 12? haha…)!

I frequent the Phoon Huat at Bedok… so, perhaps, the Phoon Huat that you go to just didn’t have stock… 🙂

Anyway, this kind of moulds are easily available at those neighbourhood shops that sell household items, like buckets, plastic containers and other kitchen related items…

Hope you’ll find them then you can try these babies out! 😀

11. Angie - September 22, 2006

Rachel, I finally made these! All thanks to your inspiration. Made them into cupcakes, really simple to prepare and deliciously moist!

12. thelazychef - September 22, 2006

Hi Angie!

Yay! It was delicious wasn’t it? I read your blog and saw your version! Very pretty too! Glad you enjoyed it! 😀

13. Jacelyn - September 25, 2006

Hi, stumbled unto your blog by chance. Lovely arrays of food you have here. And really pretty ones too. =)

14. April - September 26, 2006

Hi there! I’m interested to make this, do you know for the moist chocolate cake recipe, how many standard sized cupcakes will it yield, and will the fudge topping be enough for all the cupcakes? Thanks! 🙂

15. thelazychef - September 27, 2006

Hello April…

I remember having about 30 mini cakes when I made this using my plastic moulds…. But, if its standard size, I would think that it’ll be about 20? Perhaps you can try then tell me exactly how many you made! haha… Thanks in advance!

The fudge topping is definately enough. More than enough! 😉

Hope it helps!

16. margorie - November 13, 2006

what is one cup? isit equal to 250 grams?

17. thelazychef - November 13, 2006

Hi margorie

Well… it depends what’s in that one cup!

One cup of flour weigh differently from one cup of sugar or one cup of milk or any other liquids. And well, the reason why we use cup is because we want a specific volume of that item. 🙂

Like what I’ve told someone else who also asked me… buy a measuring cup the next time you are out shopping! It is an essential tool in cooking and baking!

18. margorie - November 13, 2006

Sorry, I am referring to your 1 cup of caster sugar and 1 cup of flour for steamed moist chocolate cake. I have bought all the ingredients.

19. margorie - November 13, 2006

I do have a measuring cup but do not know how much caster sugar & flour to use. I’m a newbie in cakes. Please help! Thanks

20. thelazychef - November 13, 2006

Hi margorie…

The recipe is here: https://thelazychef.wordpress.com/2006/02/06/steamed-moist-chocolate-cake/

Just follow the recipe closely. Its very simple! 🙂 No creaming of butter or any difficult things… If there is anything that you don’t understand, just drop me a message again…

21. katheirne - July 17, 2008

hey , what do you mean by ” add chocolate chips into the batter, “

22. lisa - December 26, 2008

thats a good recpic

23. Quinn - October 18, 2009

Do you grease the plastice mould or is that unnecessary since the recipe has a rather high content of oil?

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