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Sooorrryy! October 15, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Uncategorized.

Sorry for the lack of updates…

I know that there are some really fervant and excited readers who can’t wait for my new post! haha…

The past 2 weeks have been crazy at school. Lab reports that need to be submitted, quizzes that need to be studied for… And the term-end exams that are coming soon!!! Sobs! Might stop for a while but not yet… :p

Actually, I made a black forest swiss roll last week! Yummy! But it cracked slightly while rolling and I refuse to post the picture of it. So ugly! haha… I’m a bit hesistant to try making it again, but the next time I do it, I’ll post the picture and recipe k?

This week, I’m gonna bake a blueberry cheesecake. This time, I promise to post the pic and recipe when I’m done with it!

And so…

For now, please enjoy the other entries k?

Thank you!


Rachel aka thelazychef

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1. small cookie - October 15, 2006

no sweat , school work is much more impt. alamak, sounds like a old nag right?

2. thelazychef - October 15, 2006


Nah.. not at all… Its not nagging… its showing concern! (How I wish I can say that when my mummy nags me to clean up… ) haha…:D

3. sooi2 - October 16, 2006

black forest swiss roll…that sounds intriguing!

4. Amrita - October 16, 2006

i made a swiss roll yesterday..and it cracked TERRIBLy :o

5. thelazychef - October 18, 2006

Hi Sooi2…

Yes! Very nice, esp for black forest cake lovers… But haha, I’m so embarassed by the ugly cake that I refuse to show it! hahaha… :D

6. thelazychef - October 18, 2006

Hi Amrita…

Swiss rolls are definately not easy to make. It involves some kind of ‘skill’ which unfortunately, I have not mastered.. but I vow to learn to make the perfect swiss roll soon! hehe… :D

7. zn - October 19, 2006

looking forward to ur post!

8. gracio - October 22, 2006

Hey rach! all the best for ur exams! :)

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