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Butterfly Cupcakes January 8, 2007

Posted by thelazychef in Muffins, Cupcakes and Scones.

I’ve been such a bummer this school holidays. I was so excited when my dreaded exams finished because I had so many recipes I wanted to try! But alas… when the holidays came, all I wanted to do was sit back and relax. haha…

Yes yes, I know, such a slacker huh?

But well… it was a fantastic break… I enjoyed myself lots, even though all I was doing was relaxing… Heh! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end!

In fact, today’s the 1st day of school! But this sem, I have no classes on Mondays. How nice huh? No Monday blues! Weee!

Yesterday, I made this pretty lil’ darling. I got a fantastic cupcake book from my bestie(Thanks Kai dear!) during christmas and I was so fascinated with this cake! Its simple, but yet, it looked so adorable. 


A cute cupcake... an absolute delight for both the young and old!

Yeap, its just a simple vanilla cupcake and you can put any kind of jam inside the cake! From strawberry jam, to mango jam or even durian pulp! Its really up to you!

After baking the cupcake, slice off the top of the cupcake with a knife, fill with about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of jam, then top with freshly whipped cream(non-dairy kinds or dairy kinds will do fine) put back the top and finish the decorations by piping the body, feelers and eyes and putting a little sugar dragee to form the eye balls!~

Yeap! Its THAT EASY! hehe…

There are tons of simple cupcake recipes out there, so try any of your favourite and have fun decorating! 🙂



1. D - January 9, 2007

hi, ca you provide the recipe for the cupcake? coz yours have such a nice finish top and colour

2. zn - January 13, 2007

that’s such a pretty yet simply cupcake! goodjob 😀

3. durianberry - January 14, 2007

It was the same for my semester break. I had wanted to try baking tarts and cream puffs and quiches but never came to it. The temptation of tv and comfy bed is just too great! But I’m glad I took the first step to learn baking. I followed your White Choc Cappuccino Muffin recipe and I was overjoyed when it came out from the oven perfectly ^.^

The cupcakes look so cute! I can almost imagine the softness when a bite is taken. Yum

4. thelazychef - January 15, 2007

Hi D…

I used a sponge cake recipe for this.

To make things simple, you can pop by Phoon Huat(if you are in Singapore) and get a pack of sponge cake mix. It is very easy to use and it tastes pretty fine too.

However, if you really want my recipe, please let me know again then I’ll dig out my book and type it out for you. 🙂

5. thelazychef - January 15, 2007

Hi zn….

Thank you! 🙂

Hi durianberry…

Yeap! I’ve been sooo lazy during the break… heh… I guess the body and mind just wanna take a break and rest.

Anyway, I’m glad the muffins came out great. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
And yes, the butterfly cupcakes were indeed very nice and soft… hehe… too bad you’re not near me, or I’ll definately save some for you. 😛

6. Jian - January 16, 2007

waaaa look so yummy….how i wish i could use the conventional oven. Its in the kitchen and mom never use it. What a waste….Anyway aunty lilian (malaysiabest.net) made steamed cream cracker cupcakes b4…they look good too! Unfortunately they are very hard to get. Ppl buy it at dozens 0_o Anywayz, i can imagine the heavenly smell wafting through the air , under my nose when the oven ‘tings’…..*melted* hehehe

7. thelazychef - January 29, 2007

Steamed Cream Cracker Cupcakes? Wow! Sounds really interesting!!!

8. Jes - February 2, 2007

side-track a little, so u still bake cornflakes cookies now, as in for CNY? I would like to purchase home-made cornflake cookies, and i guess im interested in yours. 🙂

Thanks. Pls drop me an email if you do.

9. akshata - February 5, 2007

i have a blog can you tell me how you manage your photos on the wordpress blog .
http://www.akshata.wordpress.com . i tried my best to change the size and the positions of the photos but could not can you help me pls.

10. thelazychef - February 5, 2007

To jes: Mailed!

To akshata: It is dependant on the blog template that you are using. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have the function that resize your photos to fit your blog template. You can either use a photo editor to resize your photos to about 450px by 338px, or change your blog template to one that has a wider blog area, so as to fit your current pictures.

Hope it helps. 🙂

11. the_cook_without_an_oven - February 13, 2007

could i ask where you get the butterfly eyes from? I’ve been looking for them for such a long time!!!! TIA!

12. jed - February 15, 2007

My name is Jed and I just finished reading your articles on cooking, in fact that’s why I am e-mailing you, I was hoping you might want to work on my magazine. Well, it’s not finished yet, but I wanted you to be one of my writers. If you’re interested I have a column that one of my writers decided to drop and pursue acting instead of writing…lol, go figure…in Los Angeles…that all that these people want to do.
Anyways let me know okay?
Jed Williston

13. thelazychef - February 15, 2007

To the cook without an oven: You can get the butterfly eyes either from Phoon Huat or from Ailin(at Tanjong Katong Complex). Just ask for sugar dragees. 🙂

To Jed: Mailed!

14. ann - February 19, 2007

hi may i know how you make rounded edges for the photos?

15. thelazychef - February 20, 2007

Hi Ann…

I used adobe photoshop to edit it. 🙂

16. Liz - April 4, 2007

Hi, such gorgeous cupcakes. May I know where you got the cups from?

17. thelazychef - April 4, 2007

Hi Liz…


I got the cups from Ailin, a baking shop located at Tanjong Katong Complex. You can get it at this other baking shop at Jurong West(near the market which is near JJC)…

Hope it helps. 🙂

18. Jian - July 24, 2007

Hie there! can I have the original pics of the cupcakes? they look really pretty!

I have a mag cover to design (as assignment >.<)

19. thelazychef - July 24, 2007

hi Jian!

Check your mailbox! I mailed you the pictures! Have fun!

20. Jian - July 24, 2007

: ) yupz checked…they seemed clear to me. u sure its taken from hp ar? XD hahaha after taking a 2nd look on it, they really look cute. How could u gobble them up? lolz

21. thelazychef - July 25, 2007

Yes, they’re definately taken with my K800i! But I made sure that there was enough light… so, it helped alot!
Hmm, actually, everytime I make this, I make it for others! So, they will be the ones who can’t bear to eat this! XD

22. Jian - July 26, 2007

hahaha! so cruel!

23. susanna - August 19, 2007

Could u email me ur recipe for the vanilla cupcakes? They look really soft, cute n pretty!

My email is aquarius66@optusnet.com.au


24. thelazychef - September 2, 2007

Hi Susanna,

I’ll drop you an email soon… 🙂

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26. jess - November 19, 2007


Could u email me ur recipe for ur cupcakes? they looks great !

My email add is starryger@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot.


27. fiona - January 10, 2011

Can you email me the recipe for your cupcakes? They look really nice and soft. My email is kikibabyera@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks alot!

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