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Hello world! Welcome back to thelazychef! July 21, 2012

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Hello everyone!

Did anyone miss me?

I must say that it was a big decision for me to start blogging again, given my really busy schedule at work! It has been 4 years since I last posted and I must admit that I’ve grown slightly weary of blogging over the years. Even my personal blog has lost steam!

However, though I stopped blogging, I didn’t stop baking and I have been baking/cooking very regularly for friends and loved ones. My colleagues, friends and family members can never get enough of my homemade goodies and always make special requests for sweet treats! I’ve grown to love cooking and love hosting friends at my house over a nice prepared meal or bringing along a savoury treat for picnics with friends.

It is indeed such a joy to prepare and cook for friends and loved ones and though it can be tiring, I really enjoy the time spent in the kitchen and actually think that it’s such a therapeutic hobby!

And since I’ve been deeply blessed by God to have a talent in cooking/baking, I’ve been trying to spread the love of cooking with my girlfriends too. Many of them are starting to settle down and I believe that it’s important for them to learn simple dishes to feed their hungry husbands (a hungry man is an angry man isn’t it!)… so I’ve been began organising simple get-togethers to teach simple cooking… My ultimate dream? Have my very own cooking show just like Nigella! And teach cooking through a fun and cheery (and sexy!) way! 🙂

My intent of blogging again is to share the fun and simple recipes that I’ve been trying. I hope that you will continue to support me and feel free to ask any questions! I will try my best to teach/impart my experience to you so that you too, can experience the joys of cooking/baking!

I’ve got a couple of beautiful recipes that I’ve been working on and succeeded on and will post them real soon. Till then, don’t drool all over, cos thelazychef won’t clean after you! 🙂


And so, the lazychef reappears again… March 20, 2008

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Sorry I’ve been missing for such a longgg time…

I’m currently in my final year in University and I’ve been super super busy with projects and reports. Am still struggling with my final year report! Urgh!

Over the past few months, I been trying some new recipes(some successful and some not too successful…haha!) but I have not had the time to update regularly!

My apologies also to all those who left me comments! I have tried my best to reply most of them! Hope it helps!

I have posted a recipe on Yogurt Marble Cupcakes. I totally enjoyed this cupcake. It was simple, moist yet there was a twist of vanilla and chocolate flavour in each bite! *drools*

I’ll try my best to post up a couple more recipes that I have tried recently!

Till then, have fun drooling/baking everyone! hehe… 😀

Happy Chinese New Year to all! February 18, 2007

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Xin Nian Kuai Le!

(Picture credits: t0shi0)