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And so, the lazychef reappears again… March 20, 2008

Posted by thelazychef in A note from thelazychef.

Sorry I’ve been missing for such a longgg time…

I’m currently in my final year in University and I’ve been super super busy with projects and reports. Am still struggling with my final year report! Urgh!

Over the past few months, I been trying some new recipes(some successful and some not too successful…haha!) but I have not had the time to update regularly!

My apologies also to all those who left me comments! I have tried my best to reply most of them! Hope it helps!

I have posted a recipe on Yogurt Marble Cupcakes. I totally enjoyed this cupcake. It was simple, moist yet there was a twist of vanilla and chocolate flavour in each bite! *drools*

I’ll try my best to post up a couple more recipes that I have tried recently!

Till then, have fun drooling/baking everyone! hehe… 😀



1. Ruby - March 20, 2008

I am a fan of your blog. Really glad to hear from you again. All the best to your final projects. God Bless

2. durianberry - March 28, 2008

All the best in your final, Rachel! I’m in 2nd year and I already feel the stress 😛 Wish I could do some baking too but I’m staying in a college. Looking forward to your newly tested recipes!

p/s: Still loving your blog & fuss free recipes ^.^

3. Sihan - April 9, 2008

Hey gurl..you’re back! always kept ur blog on my favourites list hoping tt u’ll be back someday…

Love you recipes featured as well the lovely accessories u make!

final yr is tough so hang in there yar!

4. octopusmum - April 11, 2008

Hi there,
u are back finally! have always been checking your blog regularly for updates so really happy to see it today! look forward to more bakes from u and yes, do enjoy your last year in school cause u’ll definitely miss it once u enter the working world!


5. zn - April 20, 2008

All the best for ur report yar!
Hang in there, for ur final year!! 🙂

6. Ruby - October 7, 2009

Hi Rachel

I am a fan of your blog. I have not heard from you for long long time. Looking forward to your blogging again!
Hope life is fine with you. God Bless

7. Blueberry Muffins Recipes - July 24, 2010

We’ve missed you! Where have you gone this time? OBTW, that Yogurt Marble cupcake looks divine!

8. Sharon - February 6, 2011

I just came across your site while I was looking for recipes for steamed cakes and will definitely try your Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake. I’m liking your page so I’m gonna check out your other recipes.

Thank you!

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