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Butterfly Cupcakes January 8, 2007

Posted by thelazychef in Muffins, Cupcakes and Scones.

I’ve been such a bummer this school holidays. I was so excited when my dreaded exams finished because I had so many recipes I wanted to try! But alas… when the holidays came, all I wanted to do was sit back and relax. haha…

Yes yes, I know, such a slacker huh?

But well… it was a fantastic break… I enjoyed myself lots, even though all I was doing was relaxing… Heh! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end!

In fact, today’s the 1st day of school! But this sem, I have no classes on Mondays. How nice huh? No Monday blues! Weee!

Yesterday, I made this pretty lil’ darling. I got a fantastic cupcake book from my bestie(Thanks Kai dear!) during christmas and I was so fascinated with this cake! Its simple, but yet, it looked so adorable. 


A cute cupcake... an absolute delight for both the young and old!

Yeap, its just a simple vanilla cupcake and you can put any kind of jam inside the cake! From strawberry jam, to mango jam or even durian pulp! Its really up to you!

After baking the cupcake, slice off the top of the cupcake with a knife, fill with about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of jam, then top with freshly whipped cream(non-dairy kinds or dairy kinds will do fine) put back the top and finish the decorations by piping the body, feelers and eyes and putting a little sugar dragee to form the eye balls!~

Yeap! Its THAT EASY! hehe…

There are tons of simple cupcake recipes out there, so try any of your favourite and have fun decorating! 🙂