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Baby Pandan Chiffon Cake May 25, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Cakes.

Baby cakes!

More baby cakes! 

Aren’t the cakes so cute? haha… they are real petite in real life. And they’re simple to make too!I just found them not sweet enough… But overall, the replies I got were pretty positive. 🙂 This recipe yield 60 baby cakes. So half the recipe if you don’t want too many cakes… 😛  

4 eggs
210 gm sugar
Pandan juice 25 cc(add additional green colouring!) or 1 tbsp of pandan paste
300 gm plain flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
250 ml of thick coconut milk
2 tsp ovalette

Fresh shredded coconut 1 pkt(250g)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp tapioca/corn flour

Steam shredded coconut for about 5 to 8 mins.
After steaming, add in salt and tapioca/corn flour and mix well. (Taste to check if you want it to be more saltier)
Place some steamed coconut into the base of a mould.
Use another mould to push the coconut into the mould and press hard on it. Do the same for all the moulds.
Beat eggs with sugar and ovalette until white and fluffy.
Mix the coconut milk, pandan juice/paste, green colour and salt in a cup.
Mix the baking powder with the flour.
Add the coconut milk and flour alternatively into the egg mixture and mix well.
Spoon mixture into prepared mould and steam on big fire for 8-10 mins.


(Original recipe from LeeLee(hugbear) from KC, I adapted it slightly…(: )


These are the moulds which I used to create this little jewels! You can get them from any baking shop or shop that sells plastic ware and home ware.

Plastic moulds!


Mini Fruit Tartlets May 18, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Desserts.

Aren't they so pretty??? :)

As promised.

I made this for Mother's Day… for my grandma, aunties and my mummy!

Didn't have time to make the tartlet cups, so I bought them! Hehe… But they were good. Nice and crisp. And the colours of the fruits made it so cheery! Aren't they pretty?

I would have made the tartlet cups on my own if I had the time but I was rushing around and just didn't have enough time to settle down to make them.

Anyway, this batch that you see here is what I made yesterday. I decided to bring some for my project group mates to cheer them up. We're all up to our necks with the project at hand and I thought this would be a nice pick-me-up!  

Ok, I'll just end off this post with another pretty pic…

Sitting pretty in a roll!

Bullseye Cheesecake May 15, 2006

Posted by thelazychef in Cakes.

Delicious treat...

Ok, so exams are over. Why am I not churning enough more yummilicious stuff?

Well, I still have school from 9am-5pm every (week)day! 😦 We have project work for 5 weeks and it isn’t easy at all! Sucks all my energy and by the time I get home, I just wanna stone and relax…

Went for a gathering last Fri and I decided to give Lori’s Bull’s-eye Cheesecake a try after seeing it on fellow foodie, shebakesandshecooks’s site… I’m a big big fan of cheesecake and after hearing all the raves, I had to give it a try! And boy, it was good!

Just that I may separate 1/3 of the original of the original batter for the chocolate portion instead as I found the cake far too chocolate-y. But then again, I’m a purist… hehe, I like my cheesecake plain! So, I’m gonna make Lori’s original cheesecake soon… Since the cake tastes so good!

Anyway, if you need the recipe, its available from the Lori’s link above… 🙂

(PS: I made simple fruit tartlets for Mother’s Day for my mummy, aunties and grandma, but, before I had the chance to take a decent picture, they were all gobbled up! But fret not, I’m making it again for my mum’s friends later this week, so I’ll post about it soon! Stay tuned!)

*edit: I understand that Lori’s link is not working anymore. I will try and dig out the recipe and post it here soon! :D*