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Peanut Cookies February 20, 2007

Posted by thelazychef in Cookies.

One of the best peanut cookies around!

This recipe is fantastic. Really it is! Haha.. But, I’m so sorry to have posted this so late, else many of you could have made this for the CNY!

An additional bonus? Its SUPER SUPER easy to make! Haha… It’s literally lazychef-approved! Cos its just dump all into one bowl, mix, shape and bake! I like!

I first saw this recipe on Florence’s blog but I tweaked it a bit so as to add more peanuts(Since Daddy loves peanuts! In fact, he loved this peanut cookie so much, I had to make an additional portion!).

If you want this to be very authentic peanut cookies, I’d suggest that you use peanut oil. But I wanted to make it more ‘healthy’, so I used corn oil instead. 🙂

Peanut Cookies 

250g ground peanut powder
200g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
110g icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
140g corn oil

Egg wash:
1 egg yolk lightly beaten with 1 tsp water


1. Mix ground peanut powder, plain flour, baking powder, icing sugar and salt in a big mixing bowl till well combined.
3. Pour in oil slowly and mix till a piable dough is formed. You might need a little more than the stated amount if the dough is too dry.
4. Shape into small bite-size pieces. I used a bottle cap and cling film to get a consistant shape.
5. Place about 2cm apart on lined baking sheet. Apply egg wash.
6. Bake at 170C for 18-22 minutes or till golden brown(depending on oven).

1. Use icing sugar instead of castor sugar to get a finer textured cookie.
2. If you add too much oil, the cookie would be very crumbly.
3. You may get the ground peanut powder from baking shops(like Phoon Huat in Singapore.) However, if you’re keen on getting the best cookies, I’d recommend that you roast about 250grams of peanuts and grind them into powder. But yes, the easy way out is to buy pre-ground peanut powder. Works just as well.

*edit: Pour in the oil a bit at a time until you have reached the right consistancy. This is to ensure that you do not put in too much oil, or else, the baked product would be very crumbly!*

Enjoy! 🙂

(PS: Sorry for the boring collage. Will try and make nicer collages the next time around. I have a couple more stuff to post! So, stay tuned!)



1. zn - February 24, 2007

hello rach,
haha, how convenient it is to used the bottle cap! 😀 thanks for that useful tip! hah, i can use the same method next time i bake. Peanut cookies are love!

Anyway, i tried out your corny cornflakes cookies, and they turn out really great! haha, but mine doesnt looks as tempting as yours! haha. It taste not bad :Dthanks for the recipe!

Happy cny! (still not over yah?)

2. thelazychef - February 25, 2007

Hi zn!

Yeap… I got the idea from Florence! It makes every cookie the same size so that it is easy to pack them!

Glad you liked the corn flakes cookies. 🙂 I make at least 2-3 batches of these every year because all my relatives love them too! 🙂

3. Jacelyn - March 4, 2007

Hi rachel, these cookies look great! So do many other bakes you have done. =)

4. thelazychef - March 5, 2007

Hi Jacelyn…

Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

5. Bernice - March 8, 2007

just wanted to let u know that I tried out your peanut cookies recipe.. and you can view it here.. http://www.sweetie-tooth.blogspot.com

It tastes soooo good and all my friends loved it!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

6. sandy - April 12, 2007

Hi R

140gm corn oil izit 140gm time 1.2 = 168 ml.

Only have grated peanut from PH at home. Just try anyway.


7. thelazychef - April 12, 2007

Hi Bernice…

Glad you liked it! 🙂 (And sorry I just replied! Cos i just saw your msg!)

Hi Sandy…

How did you get the number 1.2? Anyway, scientifically, the density of corn oil is 0.922grams/cc, which means, doing simple mathematics, 140grams of corn oil would be equivalent to about 152ml of corn oil. (Gosh! Thats the engineer-in-me speaking! Eek!)

Anyway, you’ll need grounded peanuts. I doubt you can use grated peanuts because it is not fine enough. An alternative would be to use a grinder and grind up your grated peanuts and you’ll get grounded peanuts! 🙂

Hope it helps! 😀

8. Jk - January 25, 2008

Hi Rachel

Can we use butter or ghee for this recipe? If so, what would you recommend as the right amount?


9. Zane - January 15, 2009

Hi Rachel,

I’m a Singaporean that is presently living in Hong Kong (2nd yr).
As I missed home’s CNY cookies, I have decided to make some this year.

I used 140g oil, but my cookie dough turns up to oily.

I think I will use lesser oil and add abit more salt, use 73g sugar (reduce by a third). Then I’m going to put in more ingredients and blend into the initial batch of dough.

Wish me luck.

10. Jes Ang - April 3, 2009

i would like to know, when u say 1 tsp baking powder. Should it be a FULL tsp? or just estimate. The amt doesnt really matters??

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